Prepping Your Self-Storage Unit: Four Helpful Hints

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Prepping Your Self-Storage Unit: Four Helpful Hints

28 October 2016
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Self-storage units offer a great way to declutter your home and store items you don't use often, but before you move in, you'll need to do a bit of prep work. Use this guide to get your self-storage unit organized and ready for your belongings.

Add Pallets

Your items should be stored off of the floor to prevent them from becoming damaged by dirt, debris, and water that might enter your unit during bad weather. Placing wooden pallets on the floor will help to keep furniture and other large items off of the ground. You may also want to add cardboard to the floor before placing the pallets down to help absorb moisture to keep your items dry.

Set Up Shelving Units

Free-standing shelving units make it easy to organize boxes and small items. You can purchase ready-to-assemble metal shelving units from your local hardware store for this purpose. Ask the management for your storage facility if you can use anchors in the walls to secure the shelving units, which can prevent them from tipping. If this is not possible, be sure to carefully arrange your boxes so that the heaviest items are on the bottom shelves.

Invest In Tarps

Your items may be sitting for some time, which means that dust may begin to collect on them. You can prevent dirt and dust from damaging your items by covering them with tarps. You can use traditional tarps for cars, or you can purchase a roll of industrial plastic sheeting, which you can cut to size. The sheeting typically comes on rolls, making it easy to select the right amount of sheeting for your items. Use bungee straps to keep the tarps or sheeting in place on large furniture items.

Create A Lighting Scheme

Some self-storage units come with interior lights, while others do not. If your unit has electrical outlets, you can add hardware shop lighting to the corners for added illumination. For storage units without lights, consider placing a few LED lanterns or flashlights in the unit to make it easy to find your items when you visit the unit. Place one flashlight or lantern near the door, and place a few more strategically throughout the unit. You can then carry one light with you and turn on the others to brighten the space as you search for items.

Be sure to have a broom, dustpan, and garbage can in the unit so you can clean up a bit whenever you visit. This will help to keep the space, and your items, neat and tidy. For more tips, contact a company like Statewide Self Storage.