Garage Storage Solutions For Your Sports-Loving Family

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Garage Storage Solutions For Your Sports-Loving Family

26 October 2016
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When you have a family that is deeply involved in local sports, you'll collectively amass a considerable amount of equipment. Many families store their sports equipment in the garage, but it can quickly threaten to take over this space, resulting in in challenges with storing other items for your use. The good news is that you can buy some storage solutions specifically tailored to storing sports gear. These solutions are easy for the average person to mount with basic tools, and can help you turn a cluttered garage into one that is highly organized. This will allow each member of your family to quickly grab his or her gear, rather than hunt for it. Here are some solutions to buy.

Wall-Mounted Bins

If your family members have a habit of "storing" their sports gear on the floor, wall-mounted bins are a must. These receptacles often have an open basket-like appearance, which is valuable because you'll be able to clearly see through the bins to identify whatever gear you need to retrieve. You can mount several of these bins around the walls of the garage to free up floor space. One solution is to give one or two bins per family member.

Sports Lockers

A fun way to create storage for your family's sports gear is to have sports-style lockers installed. These storage solutions are modeled after locker stalls in sports locker rooms. They feature an open concept with overhead storage and storage at ground level. There are also a number of hooks around each locker that your family members can use to hang sports apparel and equipment. For fun, you can get your kids to decorate their lockers with photos that depict their favorite professional athletes. Or, you can have them painted in the same colors of your children's youth sports teams.

Ceiling Hooks And Racks

It's advantageous to make use of the ceiling for storing some of your sporting gear. There are a number of specific storage solutions that mount to the ceiling and keep your sports equipment out of the way overhead. For example, canoes and kayaks can be stored from ceiling-mounted racks, as can bicycles. (It's best to store bikes in this manner only during the winter, though.) Sports gear that you use only occasionally can be stored in this manner so that it isn't in the way when you don't need it. This is the case for water sports gear such as wakeboards and winter sports gear such as skis.

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