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Plan To Rent A Storage Unit? 3 Tips On Preparing Items For Storage

30 July 2020
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If you are at a point in which you no longer have much storage space in your home, you may know that a storage unit rental will solve your problems. While you could rent a unit and start putting items in without much preparation, you will likely find your overall experience going much smoother when you are willing to put time and effort into preparing all your belongings. Electronics When you plan on putting electronics into storage, you should pay attention to the ones that store data in this situation. Read More …

4 Golden Rules For Getting Items Ready For Self-Storage When Downsizing

5 June 2020
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If you need to downsize for some reason, and you need to move your items into a storage unit, there are a few golden rules you should follow as you prepare your items for storage. Following these golden rules will help turn your storage unit into a more functional place for your storage needs. Golden Rule #1: Get All Your Packing Supplies Together First Before you start packing up your items for the storage unit, get your items together first. Read More …