Mini-Storage Unit Uses

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Mini-Storage Unit Uses

27 October 2016
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If you have smaller seasonal, personal or other types of items to store and don't want to waste money on a large storage space, go for a mini one instead. The monthly rental prices of mini storage spaces will most likely be a fraction of their full-size counterparts.

On top of the cost savings, the smaller spaces will also be more convenient to access when you need one of your stored items. When renting a large storage unit, you may need to move a lot of things around just to get to one object.

Here is a list of items that are ideal for storing in mini units:

Small Collections

If you've collected smaller items, such as dolls, coins, stamps, vintage records, or antique books for years but no longer have the space for them, consider storing them in a mini unit.

When downsizing your living space, such as going from a house to an apartment or condo, you may not have enough room to accommodate your collection. Even if you do have enough space, you may want to store the collection if you're not actively trying to add to it or sell it.

Seasonal Decor Items

If you live in a smaller home, don't waste valuable closet space on seasonal décor that you only use once a year. You can rent a mini storage unit to keep all of the festive items in until you need them.

 As a specific holiday, such as Halloween or Christmas approaches, you can conveniently pull what you want out of the unit, and put the previous seasonal décor back in. The rotation of décor pieces will help reduce clutter in your home.

Before storing seasonal kitchenware, such as pumpkin- or snowman-shaped cookie cutters, thoroughly wash and dry them to avoid attracting pests to your unit.

Seasonal Clothing Items

Much like the décor pieces, you can also store seasonal clothing pieces, such as winter jackets and summer bathing suits, in the small storage units.

Make sure that the items are cleaned and placed in garment bags prior to storage to keep them in good condition. Remove any stains from the clothing before packing them away, so that they don't permanently set in.

You can prevent moths and other insects from damaging your clothing by placing homemade pest-repellent sachets made with cedar chips, lavender, eucalyptus leaves or cinnamon sticks in the storage space. They will make an effective alternative to toxic moth balls or other chemical repellents. 

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