Creative Tips to Help Make Moving with Small Children During the Christmas Holidays Easier

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Creative Tips to Help Make Moving with Small Children During the Christmas Holidays Easier

28 October 2016
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When you learn you have to move to another house because of a financial crisis, and Christmas is right around the corner, you may suddenly feel overwhelmed and worry about how you will explain it to your small children. This can be especially tough if you have already put up your Christmas tree or other decorations that will need to be taken down and moved. Follow these tips for making a move during the Christmas holidays easier on you and your children.

Arrange for the Movers to Pack around Your Holiday Decorations

If you plan to hire a moving company to pack and load up your property, be sure to let them know your children will be there and to just work around the Christmas tree and holly on the hearth. In this way, the packing will become another boring adult task and the kids will remain focused on the decorations. When you have explained to your children about the move, you will have an easier time packing up the tree and other decorations.

Explain What Is Going on to Your Children

When your kids see the movers packing up everything, they feel frightened and wonder what is going on. For this reason, discussing why and where you are moving is important before the movers arrive. In most cases, if you are trying to explain a financial crisis being the reason you must move fast can be too much for a little one to understand. Check out these tips for breaking the news:

  • Telling your toddlers you decided to get a new house for Christmas is a good idea. It is not a lie because you will be moving into a new place during Christmas.  This can be best way to break the news about moving, and it can help to kindle more Christmas anticipation.
  • Remember that your little ones will be worried about Santa finding a new house. Be sure to tell them you have already alerted Santa to your move and where you and the kids will be on Christmas Eve.
  • If you are moving in with family and your property is being moved into storage, your children may have a harder time when you finally take the decorations to pack them up. However, telling your kids that the family member you are moving in with is extremely lonely and needs them on Christmas can help. When your kids feel as though they are doing something good for someone on Christmas, it will be easier on them to make the move for fulfilling their mission.

No parent wants to tell their children stories to make a difficult circumstance easier to bear. However, when it comes to small children and Christmas, taking steps to keep them filled with anticipation and happiness is important in addition to keeping a roof over their head. Talk to a company like Sentry Mini-Storage Inc to get supplies that will make the move as easy as possible.