3 Items That Should Never Be Kept in a Storage Unit

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3 Items That Should Never Be Kept in a Storage Unit

6 January 2017
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If the clutter around your home has become too much to handle, but you do not want to permanently get rid of anything and you do not plan to move any time soon, the use of a rental storage unit is an ideal choice. However, before you start boxing up everything that is over-filling your shelves, it is important to determine which items may not be permitted in a rental storage room, such as scented candles, fireworks, and drugs. That is true even when those drugs have been legally prescribed or are available over the counter. Therefore, before you start moving stuff from your closets and shelves into a temporary storage unit, it is a good idea to be sure of what can and cannot enter those premises. 

Scented Candle Collection

Given the popularity of scented candles and how often they are a good catch-all type of gift, it is not unusual for people to have dozens of them at any given time. Unfortunately, the plethora of scents that attract users to them, such as candy apple or sugar cookies, can also attract rodents. Since maintaining the hygienic existence of storage units can have a dramatic impact on the success of the business, many facilities forbid the presence of scented candles and some do not allow any candles in the units at all.

Therefore, plan to carefully peruse your rental agreement to be sure that your items are not forbidden and ask about candles, specifically. if you don't see them mentioned in the fine print


If you were thrifty on the last Fourth of July or New Year's Day and managed to score some great deals on clearance fireworks, you should plan to keep them safely at your home. They are an obvious fire and safety risk hazard, even if you do not keep anything in the room that could set the fireworks off. Any unfortunately timed spark from a lightning storm or the poor storage choices made by the people renting the next-door storage unit could be disastrous.

The risks associated with the fireworks being stored in a rented storage room for any period of time mean that they should always be stored at your own home or another safe place.

Drugs—Even If They Are Legal or Over-the-Counter

If you managed to score a great deal on your favorite allergy medicines when a drug store in your area closed down or you inherited a year's supply of vitamins from someone you know, you should never move them into your storage unit. Doing so could be a risk to the medications if flooding were to occur, and the items might also degrade in quality.

That means that you should never leave any medicines in your storage unit, and it is a good idea to remember that doing so can be illegal in some areas.

In conclusion, the use of a temporary storage unit is an ideal option when you have too much stuff for your house and the size of your home is not going to change in the near future. As a result, before making any binding choices, it is best to be sure that all of the items you are planning to relocate can safely, legally, and ethically be stored in a rental storage unit. Talk to a company like National Self Storage - Denver if you have more questions about what shouldn't go in a storage unit.