Tasks That Will Be Part Of Your Day If You Work At A Self-Storage Facility

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Tasks That Will Be Part Of Your Day If You Work At A Self-Storage Facility

24 February 2017
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If you're looking to make a career change and hear that a self-storage facility in your area is hiring, this job may be the right fit for you. While a variety of types of experience will help you in this career choice, you'll also receive on-the-job training that can turn you from a novice into a reliable staff member. One of the advantages of working at a self-storage center is that your typical shift can include a variety of tasks. These will help you avoid the monotony that can occur in many jobs. Here are some tasks that are likely to be part of your workday.

Renting Units To Customers

You'll likely spend a significant portion of your shift in the self-storage facility's rental office. One of the duties that you'll handle is the rental of units to customers. Some people may call the office to rent units, while others will visit in person. In the latter scenario, you may need to take prospective customers around to view the different sizes of available units. Renting units to customers requires you to have a high degree of attention to detail so that you can input each customer's information properly, as well as be personable and attentive.

Cleaning Out Empty Units

When a customer ends his or her lease and moves everything out of the unit, one of the jobs that you may have on your plate is to clean out the unit. This task can be enjoyable because if you've been sitting in the rental office for a period of time, it provides the variety of getting physical outside. In many cases, you'll simply need to pick up any waste left behind and sweep the unit out, as well as check things such as the light to make sure the bulb doesn't need to be replaced.

Conducting Patrols

Although some self-storage facilities hire security services, others have their staff members keep an eye on things. In the latter scenario, part of your job description each day may be to patrol the grounds. This patrol can include many elements — you may be picking up any garbage left outside peoples' units, greeting and answering questions from customers who are using their units, and more. If you notice a security concern, such as damage to a fence at the rear of the property that could allow people to breach the area after dark, you'll need to report it to your supervisor.

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