Store Your Stuff Yourself!

Are you relocating to a foreign country for work? Learn more about how storage units can be helpful during this process.

Store Your Stuff Yourself!

26 June 2018
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Is self-storage right for you? Many people often wonder about this option at some point in their lives. Continue reading to explore its benefits.

A Great Option for Renters, Students, Nomads, and Minimalists Living in Tiny Houses  

If you rent, you may find yourself moving from one place to the next more frequently than you would like. Moving all of your stuff again and again can be a wearing and tearing annoyance to deal with. Who needs all that burden? For university students living in dorms or near campus, moving may happen on an annual basis. Self-storage lets renters and students living far from home bring along important possessions without being hassled with moving everything every relocation. Tiny house occupants and New Yorkers alike are finding each other in similar straights. When they run out of storage space in their living environments, they choose low-cost self-storage options.

Reduce Your Clutter  

Even if your space is not limited, many people will tell you that living a clutter reduced life is drastically beneficial to their mental and physical well-being. Use a self-storage facility to put away the clutter that you can't live with and can't live without. Having the extra open space in your immediate living environment will clear your mind and reduce your stress. Give it a try! Many facilities offer a trial period at a reduced rate for the first several months.

Great For Seasonal Storage 

Holiday decorations and recreational equipment are just a couple ideas of some items that you need only for part of the year. For the time that you don't need it, put it away in storage.

Store Your Records Securely  

Businesses must maintain records for several years or longer. All this paperwork really adds up! Move these important documents to a self-storage facility so that you can rest assured they'll be maintained safely and securely without taking up valuable office space on-site.

Protect Your Valuables  

Most self-storage facilities have multiple levels of security to protect your assets. There could be on-site staff, security cameras, insurance protection, and different locking mechanisms to fit your needs. Ask the service person how they will guarantee the safety of your possessions.

Choose the Cubic Footage That Fits Your Needs  

Generally, the larger the storage space, the greater the cost. So you can save money by finding the one that's the right fit for you. You'll always be able to upgrade to a larger or additional space once you reach your storage capacity, so start small and upgrade when you're ready!