Adding Shelving Systems To Your Business

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Adding Shelving Systems To Your Business

4 January 2021
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Industrial businesses have a vast number of raw materials and products that will need to be stored. This makes it important for these firms to have plans in place for allowing them to efficiently meet their large storage needs. Industrial shelving can be a critical part of this plan, as these shelves can greatly expand your storage capacity while allowing you to still keep everything organized.

Keep The Industrial Shelving Anchored

Due to the fact that items will be placed on and taken off the shelving throughout the day, you will need to invest some time in making sure that the shelving is properly anchored to the floor. If the shelving is not anchored, it will be at a much greater risk of tipping over or shifting positions. This can increase the chances of items being damaged or people suffering injuries. Floor anchors can be one of the most effective ways of keeping the shelving securely held to the floor, but some shelving may also benefit from wall anchors as well.

Avoid Overloading The Shelves

Overloading the shelving is another mistake that people can make that may put them and the items being kept on the shelving at risk. When the shelving is overloaded, it will be at a greater risk of failing, which could lead to one or more of the shelves detaching and collapsing on the items below it. This is a major concern for industrial businesses, as they are more likely to need to store extremely heavy items that could be far more likely to cause this problem. Luckily, industrial shelving systems will clearly state their maximum capacity so that you can avoid these potential problems and losses. This weight limit should always be respected, even if you suspect that the shelving can accommodate more weight. Regularly exceeding this capacity limit can increase the risk of problems developing in the months and years after the shelves have been installed.

Mark Where Items Should Be Placed On The Shelves

Keeping your shelves organized when you will have numerous employees responsible for removing and placing items on the shelving can be a challenge. Labeling the spots on the shelving where these items are to be placed can avoid confusion or simple mistakes where individuals may put the items in the wrong locations. When labeling where items are to be placed, you may also want to incorporate color-coding. This will allow reducing instances of mistakes being made due to individuals misreading the labels that are on the shelving.

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