3 Questions To Ask When Deciding Between Traditional And Climate Controlled Storage Units

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3 Questions To Ask When Deciding Between Traditional And Climate Controlled Storage Units

19 July 2021
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Selecting the right type of self-storage unit for your particular needs is an important part of ensuring your items do not get damaged during their time in storage. While there are many factors to consider when selecting a storage unit, perhaps the most important factor is whether or not the unit offers climate control. Taking the time to ask yourself the three questions below can help you to determine whether or not this is a feature that you require or if your needs are easily served by a standard storage unit.

Will You Be Using The Unit As A Workspace?

Many people use self-storage units as a makeshift workspace. For example, individuals who choose to operate small online businesses will often turn to storage units as an affordable alternative to renting a warehouse or other commercial property to store their inventory. When these individuals receive an order for one of their products, they simply go to their storage unit to fulfill the order. Climate control can be very important for these individuals because not only is it vital to their livelihood that their inventory is protected from damage, but they also will require a comfortable temperature inside their storage unit while working. 

Will You Be Storing Any Items That Are Vulnerable To Damage Caused By Unstable Or Extreme Temperatures?

Certain materials are more vulnerable to damage as a result of varying or extreme temperatures and humidity levels. For example, items that are made from solid wood will often swell in hot, humid environments. This swelling can result in significant damage and may even require you to replace the item altogether. Electronics also tend to do poorly when stored in hot and humid conditions. If you plan to store any items that may be damaged as a result of exposure to these conditions, it is best to choose a climate-controlled storage unit. 

Will Your Items Remain In Storage For More Than One Season?

Even items that are not particularly vulnerable to one temperature extreme or the other can suffer damage if they are exposed to drastic changes in temperature over the course of time. For example, many household products will experience changes in consistency or effectiveness if allowed to freeze and then thaw. Consequently, if you plan to leave your items in storage over the long term, it is better to opt for the use of a unit that offers climate control features. 

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