How To Protect Your Furniture When Placing It In Self-Storage

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How To Protect Your Furniture When Placing It In Self-Storage

16 September 2022
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If you want your furniture to remain in good condition, it's important to make sure that you store it properly in a self-storage facility. Otherwise, there's a risk that your furniture will become damaged and you might even need to replace it after you remove it from self-storage. 

Clean Your Furniture Beforehand

Anything placed in a self-storage unit should be thoroughly cleaned before you do so. You will always want to remove dirt and dust from furniture before placing it in storage. Otherwise, the residue that collects on the furniture will cause the furniture to become damaged.

Wooden and plastic furniture can be cleaned with soap and water. For fabric upholstery, you will want to use a cleaner designed specifically to clean fabrics. Metal portions of your furniture should be polished. 

Disassemble the Furniture

Large pieces of furniture are easier to store in self-storage if you disassemble them first. However, you will want to place any parts you removed in a plastic bag so you can make sure that the bolts and other components of the furniture are not lost. 

Cover Your Furniture

Make sure to wrap the furniture in plastic to protect it from moisture. You can also wrap your furniture in blankets, sheets, and towels. Covering your furniture will also make it more difficult for the furniture to be scratched if something falls in the self-storage unit. 

Don't Overfill the Storage Unit

Do not overfill the storage unit with furniture. All of the furniture should be placed neatly in the unit with enough spacing between each piece of furniture. If you do not have enough space, you'll want to ask whether there is a larger unit you can rent. If you have a large amount of furniture to store, you might need more than one unit. 

Protect Glass

Furniture sometimes has glass components. Glass is much more fragile than other aspects of a piece of furniture, so you'll need to provide adequate protection. You don't want the glass to break and potentially injure someone. 

Use Climate Control

The type of self-storage unit you choose will play a role in how durable your furniture will be. Less expensive self-storage units are typically not climate-controlled. As a result, if it's cold outside, the items stored in your unit will be affected.

For example, in a storage unit that is not climate-controlled, it's more likely that your furniture will be affected by moisture. With climate control, the furniture will always be stored at the right temperature and will be less likely to become damaged.

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